AGAPANTHUS is a summer flower, whose name comes from Agape, a Greek word which means love.

It is also a precious universe of jewels, strictly handmade in Italy, in an atelier in the countryside near Lake Como, where new creations take shape inspired by passion, beauty, art and travelling.


Three women started Agapanthus in 2003.
Grazia Gilardi, the jewellery designer, is in charge of sourcing stones, and pays particular attention to their quality, cut and colour. During her travels, she takes pictures of every possible detail to create new jewel shapes. She manages the company with great passion together with her sister Elena, who takes care of shops and production and with Paola Rocca, their sister-in-law, who is responsible for sales, communication and finance.


All Agapanthus jewels are Made in Italy.
In Lecco, on the shores of Lake Como, the Agapanthus jewels are created by experienced goldsmiths who work rose, white and yellow gold with some antique techniques such as chiselling, engraving, and openwork.
Elegant jewels, showing precious and semiprecious stones, with impressive cuts and shades, stand out on Agapanthus’ typical hand brushed gold.


Agapanthus is a team of adult workers, a majority of whom are women, who work in Italy. Their work also includes gold thread and precious or semiprecious stone rosary-necklaces. This is more of a duty where, still today, Third World children are dreadfully exploited.


Agapanthus has supported Fondaco-Fondazione Floriani to assist terminally ill persons and Magna Mater Onlus from Genova, to finance a Brazilian orphanage.
Nowadays, the brand supports The AIRC (the Italian Cancer Research Foundation) and CPA Onlus in Bergamo to assist cancer patients.

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